Electric Youth Celebrates the Official Release of Power Chord!

Electric Youth celebrates the official release of the group's 6th album, Power Chord! Recorded this past May at MockingBird Studios, Power Chord features unique arrangements of timeless classics and contemporary pop hits, including many fan favorites from EY's 2014 season. The album's wide-ranging tracks include standards "Orange Colored Sky" and the Sinatra classic "That's Life" to current mega-hits such as American Author's "Best Day of My Life" and Lady Gaga singles "Edge of Glory" and "Marry the Night." You'll hear iconic pop tunes including The Beatle's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and a medley of record-breaking Michael Jackson songs as well as scene-stealing numbers from Broadway's "Tommy" ("Pinball Wizard") and "Memphis" ("Steal Your Rock 'n' Roll"). The album showcases powerful Electric Youth vocals backed by their world-class band of Boston-based musicians. Power Chord is available for purchase at The Spotlight Shop, 34 Main Street in Franklin, and on and CD Baby. Check it out!

 2018 Electric Youth