Wednesday 19th July 2017

Tour 2017 DAY 16 (Brooke)

 Can't believe our last show is today! We started the day by checking out of Hotel Britannia and boarding a boat to Belaggio. Out of all the beautiful places we have been, Lake Como is definitely one of my favorites. We had all morning to get gelato, shop, have lunch, shop some more, and eat gelato again. After the boat ride back across Lake Como, we drove up the mountain to EY's home away from home, Hotel Russal. Franz took the needle point turns with ease. I don't know how he does it. It was so nice to be back at Hotel Russal. You know a place feels like home when your phone automatically connects to the wifi! We spent the rest of the afternoon swimming and playing tennis until showtime. Since we were ready a little early, Raye Lynn took us to get gelato. I don't think she knew that it would be the third gelato of the day for some of us. When showtime came, everyone decided to not just focus on the choreography, but also on having fun with each other. Not only did we connect with each other on stage but we also interacted with the band, looked over at nick, Hallie, and Derek, and danced with Casey and Kellie. Definitely a show I will never forget. When we got back to the hotel for dinner we found out it was "mix-it-up" night. I sat with our bass player Greg Holt, Mrs. Wilkins, Mrs. Evans, and Julia. I had the best time getting to know them. We were all so interested in our conversation that we didn't realize it almost two in the morning! So we figured the best way to end a great day was to eat more gelato. Yes we had four gelatos today and no we do not regret it at all!


Monday 17th July 2017

Tour 2017 Day 15 (Colie)

Today was the day! LAKE COMO HERE WE COME! And also- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUSAUNA!! At midnight, Caroline and I got to be the first to hug her on her birthday! This morning we woke up in Switzerland to the completely clear and beautiful Matterhorn in the distance. After a quick breakfast, we began our trek down the mountain. First, we took a small taxi from the hotel down to the town to take vans down to meet Franz with the bus. It was about a four hour bus ride to Como and honestly... I slept almost the whole time... I did wake up for the beautiful rest stop we stopped at right in the middle of the mountains. There was a small pool of water next to the building that all the kids (and some adults too) found perfect for skipping rocks. Aaron and Griffin were especially good at skipping rocks, while some of us could get one or two skips if we were lucky! Once back on the bus I again, fell asleep until we arrived in Italy! Italy is my favorite place and I could not be more excited to be back. The moment Lake Como came into view we were all beyond ecstatic. This is the only place that is a repeat from last year's tour, so many of us were familiar with the surroundings. We checked into Hotel Brittania, which is not our normal hotel in Como, for one night. I finally got to room with Julia which I was amped about. Kellie and Casey took the kids for lunch as soon as we got there but since it was late afternoon, most restaurants were closed so we got some small pizzas as a snack from the pool where our show was that night. While waiting for lunch we played the favorite card game of the trip, Presidents, which always gets a little competitive. This time, we added in the ability for the president to make rules which resulted in some unwanted push-ups... but that's okay because after lunch we got to swim in Lake Como! Something many of us had been looking forward to since last years tour. It was just as fun and beautiful as we remembered. After swimming in the lake, we took a quick dip in the pool before getting ready for dinner and our show. We had a small but fun show overlooking the lake which was incredible. Throughout the show we watched a lightning storm travel across the lake which was beautiful, but a little scary when it got closer... that made for a quicker break down after the show. Raye Lynn treated us all to gelato after the show and then we all went back to the hotel for our first sleep in Italy! But before going to bed, we all crowded into Susauna's room to sing Happy Birthday!



Sunday 16th July 2017

Tour 2017 Day 14 (Mairead)

 Hi everyone! Today was a wonderful day exploring Zermatt, Switzerland! The day started nice and late, making everyone really happy after our long day yesterday. Some of us got a delicious breakfast at our beautiful hotel before meeting for call at 1:00. Every meal here is so gorgeous with a view of the Matterhorn! And of course, a couple rooms came together in my room to have a Sound of Music dance party since we are tucked into the mountains! There was a bit of disappointment when our plans to take a train up the Matterhorn was canceled because of the rain, but our day of exploring and shopping in the town exceeded our expectations!! And just when we thought the weather at home was weird, Switzerland can go from freezing and rain to a beautiful summer day in a split second! We've never seen a more beautiful rainy day! After a day of shopping, eating, and watching Swiss Horns play while goats wondered by, we got ready for dinner at Say Cheese! We ate lots of yummy food like fondue and cheese fresh from the wheel! We finished out the night with a group gelato run! Overall, it is safe to say we all are in love with Switzerland and planning the next time we can come back!



Saturday 15th July 2017

Tour 2017 Day 13 (Caitlyn)

We kicked the day off bright and early for our extremely long bus ride from France to Switzerland. Everyone woke up around around 5:00 am to be ready to load the bus up at 5:15. Once luggage was packed and people had settled in their seats, everyone fell asleep instantly. After about 4 hours, we arrived at our first rest stop to stretch and get some food. Once we were back on the bus, a lot of people fell straight back asleep. It wasn't until after our second rest stop at 1:00 when people started to wake up. By this point we had been on the bus for about 7 hours. We tried to pass the time by getting as much sleep as we could and watching movies together. Nick also gave out different cross word puzzles to some people who stayed awake. After 4 rest stops and 15 hours on the road, we got on the train that was driving us up the mountain to Zermatt. During the train ride we saw amazing views of the mountain, beautiful waterfalls, and little cottages in the mountains. At 9:15 we finally arrived at the Hemizeus hotel, exhausted after a very long travel day. Once we got our roommates and and keys, we dropped our bags off took in the view of the Matterhorn and went downstairs for dinner. Our meal started with salad, bread and little meats. Once we finished, the waiters brought out fondue and then came the main course. We had raclette; a traditional dinner in Switzerland where they take a cheese wheel and melt it under a fire and scrape the melted cheese onto potatoes. It was the most delicious cheese I have ever tasted. The final part of our meal was a cup of various fruits topped with whip cream. Once everyone finished their meals we went up to our rooms and called it a night, excited for our day off of exploring Switzerland tomorrow!



Sunday 9th July 2017

Tour 2017 DAY 12 (Sydney)

We had to be ready for the whole day at 9:00, and by whole day I mean we didn't get back until midnight! In the morning we were invited to breakfast at the Barfleur tourism director's amazing home. After many croissants for breakfast we got a tour of the host's amazing garden. He has plants from all over the world! Then we played an epic game of soccer in their massive backyard (my team won). We quickly found out how bad I am at soccer. After soccer we went to the center of Barfleur and I had lots of mussels. Then we went to the beach. Huge amounts of sea glass and snails were found, as well as taking great pictures. Then we went to Cherbourg for our next show. We took a nice tour of an historic Italian theater which was nice, then we got free time. Nothing was open on Sunday and we were out of bread, so we did not eat. Then once we got ready food arrived but we can't eat in costume so we couldn't eat it then. After mic check we put something over our costumes so we did get to eat before the show. There were about 700 people at our show! Dinner was an amazing buffet hosted by the Mayor of Cherbourg at City Hall. At our table we talked about original Disney movies. During the bus ride back we listened to Come From Away - again.



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