Saturday 14th July 2018

2018 Tour JULY 14 (LINDSEY)

2 days left of tour ahhhh!! It’s flown by faster than I can say, but each day is still somehow even more fun than the previous one! After a late night last night, some of my roommates (Caroline W. and Mia) and I all rolled out of bed around 10 and went out to explore the town of Todi! With lots of little shops and jewelry stores, not one moment was dull. We went into a small clothing store where Mia bought a yellow jumpsuit and Caroline bought a red dress, which she ended up wearing for the rest of the day! After some more exploring, we went back to the hotel, met up with the group, and all went to a little crepe shop. I got a crepe with Nutella and strawberries, and it was warm and delicious. After that, we walked around some more and I bought some gifts for my family and friends back home. Then, all of EY met up for a yummy lunch, at a pizza place that we go to every year! Once we were done with lunch, MORE CREPES!!!!! This time, I got Nutella and bananas... it was AMAZINGGGG! After crepes and some more exploring, it was time to relax at the hotel while getting out of the hot sun. All of the girls went to one room, where we listened to music, and did each other’s hair for the show. While some girls stayed and continued relaxing, all of the newbies went to get some more crepes and do more shopping:) I had eaten enough crepes for one day, so I did not buy one, however I did help my friends eat theirs! By the time we got back to the hotel, we had an hour to do our show makeup and to get into costumes. We got into our Funky 2 costumes for our last show, and were soon on our way to the venue! Upon reaching the venue, we were greeted with smiles and comp, complementary gelato! After gelato, air conditioning, and many rounds of the card game Presidents before our final show, it was show time! With a killer set to finish off the tour, we had so much fun!! We were performing in the middle of a street, where it was closed off from traffic and we had loads of people there to watch us! We were all living in the moment and giving as much energy as we possibly could, trying to have a strong finish, which we did! After we left the stage, the audience was still going wild, so we got to come back out for our encore: “Shout!” We all soaked up the last few minutes on stage in Europe for this year, and gave that last song our all. Many autographs were signed and pictures were taken, with everyone so happy and a little bit sad. Once we changed out of costume for the last time, all of us sat at a long table outside near our stage, famished as could be, ready for dinner. We were served with pizza, pasta, salad, and bread. It was a rather quick meal, and soon were were on our way back to the hotel. I fell asleep on the bus ride and after my power nap, I was ready to stay up and pack most of my things. My roommates and I stayed up pretty late packing, talking about our trip, and thinking about our final night speeches. I drifted off to sleep thinking about how much fun I’ve had, and how I can’t wait for another wonderful trip next year!! This is Lindsey, signing off for the last time until 2019:)


Friday 13th July 2018

2018 Tour JULY 13 (KELSEY)

Today started off with a delicious breakfast at Hotel Fonte Cesia around 10. At breakfast, my roommates and I️ ran into the BIRTHDAY GIRL!! Happy Birthday Sus, I️ am so lucky to know you  🙂 Big 17!! We stayed at breakfast for quite a long time, as the dining room was absolutely gorgeous and there was SO much food. A few of us even went outside on the terrace for a bit and soaked up the incredible view of Todi. My roommates and I️ then went back up to our room and got ready for a call time of 12. After call time, Naomi, Maddie, and I️ got a preview of the town of Todi as we walked around for about an hour. We saw gorgeous views of the Italian countryside, a chapel, as well as a really good gelato place. After an hour of walking around, we went back to the hotel for another call to depart for a nearby vineyard in Orvieto. The bus ride was about an hour and during the ride we drove by an overwhelming amount of sunflower fields, Hannah Rezendes’s favorite  🙂 Once the group arrived, our tour guide told us the history of the vineyard, and explained how some of the property dated back to 50 BC. As he spoke, we were able to take in the incredible view. After, he took us into the caves below the vineyard, dating back to 5 BC. After this, we went up into a room with a table filled with cheeses, pizza, bread, and meats. The kids naturally tried to fit as much as we could on our plates before we were shown the way out while the adults did the wine tasting. The kids stayed outside for about 2 hours, playing cards and walking around the borders of the vineyard. After this, we departed the vineyard and stopped at a lake on the way home for a swim. We then drove back to the bottom of Todi and got on a machine that took us up to one of the viewing areas where we walked back to the hotel. We then had about an hour to get ready for dinner. We left for dinner which was at the bottom of the hill in Todi. Tonight was mix it up night! This is an EY tour tradition where everyone is assigned a seat and each table is a mix up of EY members, band, staff, and parents. Dinner consisted of about 4 courses. So delicious! I️ had SUCH a good time. We arrived back at the hotel around 12:30 and then went straight to bed. What a day.


Thursday 12th July 2018

2018 Tour JULY 12 (HANNAH)

Today we left Cremona and headed on a 7 hour bus ride to our last stop, Todi! But before we went on the bus, my room headed to breakfast. It was a pretty normal breakfast until we saw that there was a pancake maker!! So cool! After eating breakfast, we packed up the bus and were on our way! We had our first rest stop about 2 hours in. Everyone stretched, went to the bathroom, grabbed snacks and we were on our way again. After another few hours of watching movies and sleeping on the bus, we were at our lunch rest stop. All of us were able to pick what we wanted to eat from a counter so I picked the “apollo sandwich,” which was basically a chicken sandwich. After eating outside, all of us went onto the bus. We all were listening to Aaron’s music and just looking outside at the pretty view for the rest of the ride. All of us knew we were in Todi the moment were arrived. There were a lot of old looking houses and curvy streets. After unpacking the bus, we went into Hotel Fonte Cesia. As we walked in we found the “thank you book” and found a picture of EY with notes from EY members from 2016 (later Sus and I found pictures/notes from EYs all the way back to 2012!). Hallie and Raye Lynn gave us our room assignments, and my room and I headed up to our room. When we went into the room Sus told us that we got the “princess room!” The view outside the two windows is breathtaking. There are castle designs on the walls! Once we got settled, my room choose to stay in our room rather than exploring the town to save our energy for the show later tonight. Later, we headed down to another girls room and played Presidents for about an hour! Then we started to get ready for the show. But I took a break getting ready, and a few of us headed out to get crêpes in a place outside our hotel. I got a crêpe with Nutella and strawberries! It was so delicious! We walked by the stage for tonight’s show and then headed back to the hotel. My room and I finished getting ready for the show, and went down to call. When we all met up in the lobby for call, we walked about 2 minutes to the stage. We put our stuff on the famous stairs that EY people have been using for years. After a little bit we did our mic check, and then went back on the stairs. We hung out there and talked for about an hour. Soon enough it was show time! We started the show with opening, and then we had to stop the show before getting to Motown (the mic system had to be completely restarted). So all of us stayed on stage, Derek taking us one at a time and fixing our mics, and the band behind us was playing their go-to sound check jam “Chicken.” In only about 5 minutes, Derek was able to fix everything and the show started up again (Thanks, Derek!). We started off with a small audience, but by Land of 1000 we had all the chairs filled up and the square was filled with people standing and sometimes dancing! After the show, we all signed autographs. Mia’s second cousins who lived near Todi came to the show! They had met awhile ago, but it was so cool and all of them were so happy to see each other! We packed the equipment up and then headed back to the hotel. Dinner was at the hotel, so we got dressed and went downstairs to eat. The first course was an antipasto appetizer. Next, was spaghetti with tomato sauce and mozzarella. For dessert, there was a fruit creme. Delicious! All of us were really tired after this long day, so we headed to our rooms pretty quickly! Only one more show of the tour!


Wednesday 11th July 2018

2018 Tour JULY 11 (CAROLINE W.)

Today we decided to wake up for the sunrise over Lake Como. It was cloudy so we didn’t get a very clear view of the sun, but the light rising over the mountains was very pretty. As we were all waiting for the sun, Franco (one of the lovely hotel managers) came to take a picture of us and very kindly brought us water. After we watched the mountains light up, we went back to bed for about 3 hours before we had to bring our bags to the bus. We sadly had to depart Tremezzo and leave the beautiful Hotel Rusall and get on our way to Cremona. Before leaving, we sang on more time to Lidia and Franco and the rest of the Rusall staff who have become such a wonderful part of the EY family over the years. After many hugs, we were on our way! We soon arrived at our next destination: a quick one-night stay in Cremona. The hotel in Cremona was very modern and minimalistic and reminded us of a movie theater. We then threw our stuff in our rooms and headed to lunch. Before we had our meal, we checked out the stage that we were to perform on that night. The stage was in the middle of an opening of a church and it had a nice echo and great acoustics. For lunch we all ordered different kinds of pizza and after we all went to gelato. Next, we returned back to the hotel to relax before the show. All the girls gathered in the “Silver Suite” to of course play our favorite card game “Presidents” and just listen to music. After we got ready for the show, we left for sound check and were taken to our own room to finish getting ready. The show was very fun and and the audience seemed to really like it! It was so cool to be performing in the courtyard of a building that began construction in 1107!! After the show, we went back to the same place we had lunch for dinner. Most of us ordered gnocchi which was very yummy! Following dinner, we went back to the hotel and we did laundry of small things for the last couple of days. However, we tried not to become too unpacked because we only had one night in Cremona and then we would leave for Todi for the last stop of the tour!


Tuesday 10th July 2018

2018 Tour JULY 10 (SYDNEY)

Hello everyone, it’s me again! So, we started the day with the nice, curvy, scary, loud, dangerous, exciting, suspenseful bus ride down to the water. And Franz NAILED every turn as usual. BOAT TOUR DAY! I love this boat tour, it’s so peaceful and the views in como are AMAZING. The tour lasted around an hour and we got to see all of the villas on this side of the lake and the best part: George Clooney’s house and the place where they filmed Star Wars Episode Two. Come on, how cool. Next, the two nice boat guys dropped us off in the town of Bellagio and the shopping began! Being back there was so weird but a cool-weird. I knew where everything was and I could navigate my way through the town easily. I only bought a few small things, but other got some nice purses and jewelry and ties/bow ties. We all took pictures with the pretty views and watched this cool street act where it was a bronze puppet show and they only came to life if you dropped a euro in their cup. But the best part by far was lunch: La Fontana. We went here last year as well, and the food is AMAZING. I got gnocchi, of course, and ate it all. The owners are so nice and funny and remembered us from last year! After lunch, we went shopping again and bought more trinkets. We met for the boat ride back at 3 and when we got back to Tremezzo, we all got our bathing suits and towels and went swimming in the lake. The water was cold, but refreshing and very deep. I took two steps and then I couldn’t touch. Then, we all found this cool spot under a bridge and collected sea glass and cool rocks. Next, we rode back up to Hotel Rusall and got ready for dinner. Tonight was EY’s traditional “Little Black Dress Night.” All of the girls got dressed up in our black dresses, while the boys got in their all white outfits (with many different shades of white, gross) and their socks and sandals. We all took pictures and then toasted and sang to the owners of the hotel, Franco and Lidia. We then sat down and ate a delicious four course meal: salad, ravioli, beef, and dessert. After we all finished, Franco orchestrated a singing party where we sang mostly Beatles including Yellow Submarine, Hey Jude (twice), Yesterday, and more! Album coming soon!! It was so fun to sing with him. Then, we all changed and went outside to go stargazing. We all laid in a row until room check talking and looking at the beautiful views. I’d say it was a pretty successful day in Lake Como. Okay, good morning/afternoon/night (depends on when you are reading this)!! We’ll see everyone soon!!
Love, Sydney


 2018 Electric Youth