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Day 27 - Finally home


Today we woke up in our same clothes and some of us went down to get breakfast. After breakfast, my roommate Brooke and I went back to our room to hang out until call at 12:30. Brooke and I sat out our window and watched all the planes that weren’t ours take off. Once we went down for call we had to turn in our room keys to get a token to take the bus back to the airport.

While waiting I think we as a group successfully cleared out the hotel lobby of all its green apples. Once at the airport we sat and waited for awhile while Raye Lynn and Hallie worked to get us vouchers for lunch and finish sorting out our tickets to make sure we got home today. With those vouchers we had an hour to get lunch before we went through security, since we got to the airport so early.

The 14 of us split up between KFC and McDonalds before meeting up to go through security. Once through security, we had time to relax and get snacks before boarding, just grateful to be in the airport, with a plane to get on to get us home. Once on the flight I was happy to find that my seat was next to Lauren in premium economy so we had lots of room. They gave us chocolate, orange juice, and other cool stuff. We both felt super fancy and were ready to sit back, relax, watch movies, and enjoy the flight. We finally landed back in the states around 7:40, made our way through customs, got our luggage, and boarded the busses to take us back to FSPA.

This is when it really started to hit that we were home, and tour was over. As sad as I was to go home, I could not wait to see my family who was unable to come on the tour with me. At the time, missing our first flight home seemed awful, but looking back, I was thankful to have one more day to enjoy the tour, the people around me, and look back on the incredible experience we just had. Thank you to everybody involved for making my first tour so unforgettable!


 2018 Electric Youth