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Day 26 - Tour extended!


Dear diary,
Due to my previous entry I know you may have thought that I would be heading home today. Well it's your lucky day! Thanks to our friends at Lufthansa, our stay has been extended.

It all started this morning in Todi. We packed the bus early and were on our way to the airport in Rome. We all made it through security and were waiting at the gate when we heard the fantastic news: the gate had changed! There was much rejoicing. We then spent the next hours sitting in a crowded terminal among with hundreds of other excited passengers. We finally boarded and as we looked at the clocks it became clear that we wouldn't be making our 5:05 boarding time in Frankfurt for our second flight. It also became clear that we wouldn't be making the 5:55 take-off. Despite efforts of holding the flight, our lovely plane left without us.

Our next flight is tomorrow at the same time. This means that we get to be in the beautiful and joyful town of Frankfurt. There was much rejoicing. We had a quick dinner in the nearby hotel and went to bed.

Aaron "that tall one who sings that deep part in somebody to love" Frongillo

P.s. I'm not quite sure how I'm gonna explain this one to my mum.

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