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Day 24 - Last show in Todi

DAY 24 (SAM)

Today we started the day by waking up at our hotel in Todi, called Hotel Fonte Cesia. We had a pretty free morning to either get up and walk around Todi or to sleep in and wake up for lunch at 12:00. All the boys slept in and all the girls woke up earlier to shop and sight-see. At 12:00, we walked around Todi and decided to have lunch at a nice pizzeria, not too far from our hotel. We all ordered pizzas and the meal was going well, until a few bees came over to our table and started flying around us. To stop the bees, we started trapping them under cups, then we let them go at the end of lunch.

After lunch we got gelato from a gelateria near the restaurant. Next we did some more touring and shopping, but most of the stores began closing for siesta, so we decided we would go to the church and tour the catacombs beneath it. We all paid 2 euros and were able to just walk around the museum and rooms beneath the church which was very cool. After that, it was time for load in and to get ready for the show.

The stage we performed on was outside in the main square of Todi, so many people gathered to watch it. The show was awesome because we had a great crowd and we were all so energized because it was the last show of the tour. We all had so much fun with the show and felt it was a great show to end the tour with. After the show we did our final load out, took photos on the stairs next to the stage, and talked to some of the people that came to watch the show, which was very fun.

Once we were finished, we went back to the hotel to change, then went to dinner at the same pizzeria we had eaten lunch at. We had some more great Italian food and got many orders of soda and French fries. After dinner we went back to the hotel and went to bed, so we would all be well rested for the next and final day of the tour. Overall, we a had a great day, with an amazing final show!

 2018 Electric Youth